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When we began our journey into the often devastating world of animal rescue some 20 years ago, there was no internet, no Facebook or Smart Phones allowing immediate consumption of information. We had recently acquired our “backyard bred” purebred and had no idea how quickly our lives were forever going to change. We happened to be watching a local tv network newscast and they showed live footage of a local animal shelter on fire! Without even a word, Scottie and I ran for the door and we were quickly driving to the shelter to help. We had no idea how we were going to help we just knew our hearts were telling us we had to do something.

As we ran up to the fence the last dog was being handed off to a good Samaritan. Though we left empty-handed our hearts were still urging us on… do something. The next day we arrived at the shelter to help in the clean up after the devastating fire. I can’t remember how many days we worked cleaning but I do remember going around to everyone at the television station where we worked taking up a collection. We raised nearly $1,000! That’s pretty empowering. What began as a heart’s pull to “help” turned into our life’s work.

In these 20 years we’ve seen the tides drastically change. Animal shelters are now the place to go. Puppy Stores are still around but attitudes toward them are certainly different. Facebook whirls frantically with rescue groups sharing photos and stories of animals in danger and needing help. Stories of amazing rescues go viral and once what was a lonely rescue road of your own heart’s burden, is now supported by thousands of like-hearted friends. It is a wonderful thing.

Seeing this on Facebook today made me giggle and proud to be the owner of a rescued heart.

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