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(Can you tell me what movie featured that song?)

Got the camera on my phone working today. You can see what Cass & Becca are dealing with in regards to Debby. They were dry again this morning so my girls are staying out of the weather.

The drive to the barn.

We’ve got a moat forming on the side of the run-in shed.

Don’t think we’ve seen the sun since Saturday.

I believe Cass is becoming annoyed. She doesn’t like to be soaked. She also doesn’t like the volume of the rain hitting the roof. Once in a while isn’t so bad but non-stop for going on 4 days is a bit much!

Cass is ready for her mid-morning nap. Becca’s still snacking.

Nose is in the corner.

Checking to see if I happen to have a treat.

It’s really, really nap time.

Puddle outside shed door.

Muck outside the other door. See the hoof print?

Think of that movie, yet?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford! The song was part of a goofy montage in the film but what a great song… and movie. “I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining.”

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We are in the midst of Tropical Storm Debby. This gal certainly sneaked up on us! Looks like she’s going to be sitting over top of us all week – geesh!

This brings back bad memories from 2008, a few months after Beccca was born. That storm was Fay and she hung out far too long.

Drenched to the Bone!

I rescued a Yorkie client from his flooding apartment.

Floating Yorkies & Fried Phones

We moved lots of horses from flooded pastures to a fancy barn down the road.

Equine Exodus!

Had to clean up the pastures once Fay left and then move all the horses back.

Equine Exodus II – Journey Home

I couldn’t get my camera phone to work this morning. With Debby being such a tropical gal she’s got our humidity way up. I think that was messing with it. My smart girls were not soaked! They were even a bit reluctant to come out from their shed to eat breakfast. Finally the lure of the food in the dry barn won out. There are small ponds forming in low spots but the girls are safe and dry… that’s all that matters.

Cass knows how to stay dry.

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