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We enter the client house and find the “client” sound asleep.

Nicky was adopted for her good looks & Golden heart but definitely not her guarding skills!

Me – “Oh, Nicky! Nicky! Get up big gurl…”

Nicky – “But don’t you know? My parents left me… ALL ALONE! I’ll lay here amongst my depression. Go on without me. Sigh.”

Me – “I have something for you… Nicky, you gonna get up?”

Nicky – “I don’t think I have the strength.” (Heads drops back to floor, Thud!)

Me – “Oh, c’mon Nik! You can do it! Let’s eat!” (Shake dish.)

Nicky – “Oh, I just don’t know… Hey! Is that my dinner?!”

Me – “Yep! All for you, sweet Princess.”

Nicky – “Ok, nom-nom, don’t let anyone see me eat ok? I’m on that dratted diet, remember?”

Me- “Alright, I’ll blur you out a bit. Nik, show me how sad you are because your mom & dad had the nerve to go out for the evening…”

Nicky – “How’s this? Sad enough? You gonna text ’em?!”

Nicky – “Wait! Here ya go. I’ll teach them to leave me alone for (gulp!) 8 hours!”

Me – “Nik, that’s awesome. But there’s really no need to act so sad. I’m here for you :-)”

Nicky – “I know. Let’s go get this done. I am NOT walking all the way to the golf course, just so you understand, ok?”

Me – “OK, Nik. Whatever you say.” (Rolling eyes.)

Nicky – “Hey, wait a minute…”

Me – “Nik you have to walk.”

Nicky – “What the heck is that? Up over the house?! I KNEW I felt something funky!!!”

Nicky – “I’m not going.”

Me – “Nik, you at least have to go pee, ok? Please…”

(What Nicky is staring at.)

Nicky – “Alright but huuuurrrryyyy!!!!!! Get back inside! The STORM MONSTERS are out HEEERRREEEE!!!!!!”

Me – “Nik, will you feel better if I put your wrap on? I’ll turn the radio on, too and you can listen to NPR. How’s that?”

Nicky – “I look ridiculous but… hey… this may feel kinda alright. You sure you can’t stay? We could chew on my multitudes of toys, I’ll let you pick which one you want!”

Me – “Nicky you know I can’t stay. I have other doggies & kitties to see tonight. But I PROMISE your mom & dad will be home soon.”

Nicky – “Yeah. Whatever. Talk to the paw.”

I adore Nicky.

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