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She left in November. Putting our “baby” on the trailer was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Thousands of worries had been swirling in my brain for the weeks prior. We were offered a once in a lifetime opportunity for her, though, and we had to let her go. We had to let her go to be the horse she was born to be. Cass and I had brought her as far as we were able. We did a fine job but she needed and deserved more.

Becca at Heart of Dixie.

Becca at Heart of Dixie.

So Becca is away at college. The fine folks of Heart of Dixie Equine Rescue are seeing to her education. Julie Barnes, (HOD owner) has lovingly cared for Becca’s sire since we all saved him from slaughter in 2009. We are family. Becca was more than ready for the adventure set before her. She hopped on the trailer and never looked back. Cass never even cried for her. It was as it was meant to be. I felt like my guts had been ripped out, though. When you love deeply, you must do what is best and this is best for our girl.

Julie & Marvin, Becca's sire.

Julie & Marvin, Becca’s sire.

She is flourishing in her training. No surprise there. She’s crazy smart. She’s acquired the nickname “Queen B” since she walked onto the farm like she owned the place. No surprise there, either. One thing Becca’s always had is confidence. Julie and I speak often. It is as it was meant to be. We hope to be able to plan a weekend to go visit soon.

This was just 3 weeks into her training!

This was just 3 weeks into her training!



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