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Serendipity is one of those words hard to define. You just know it when it happens and that is it’s magic. Several years ago I was involved in the happiest of “accidents” or better yet, some serious serendipity. I’d been hearing about a dog that had been dumped at a major highway gas station. Several had tried but no one was able to catch her. I’m sure she was convinced the owners that dumped her were certain to come back. The station attendant had seen her perk up with the arrival of big rigs only to run off into the safety of the brush in disappointment.

I kept hearing about this dog. I even caught sight of her a few times as I sped down the road past the gas station. I talked to my friends at animal control and their attempts to catch this brindle blur had also failed. It’s a terrible feeling to not be able to help an animal in obvious need. How had she not been hit by a car? The speed limit was 50 mph but most were traveling in much more of a hurry. Where was she eating? The station had a trash dumpster she probably crept to under the cover of darkness. She had to be terrified and heartbroken.

I was out driving my usual pet sitting rounds when something made me drive to her gas station. I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near there but I just felt I needed to go. I pulled into the huge parking lot and looked for the allusive canine. She’d been there a month. Was she beginning to turn feral already? I saw her off to the side, in the brush. I decided to simply sit on the curb near my car.

Before I could even process it… the brindle blur was sitting next to me! Really? Hello Girl and Hallelujah!!! I calmly slipped the leash over her head and tried to keep from jumping up and down in my excitement. She and I strolled to the car. I gently lifted her into the backseat. The attendant came out as I was doing so. He stared in disbelief, gave a huge grin and thumbs up! I had done it! I had the brindle blur, the one one who could not be caught, sitting in my car looking at me expectantly. Now what was I gonna do?

What I did was call on my friend and documentary filmmaker, Eric. Yes, I had ulterior motives in pleading with him to help me, help her. He “fostered” Francis through  months of heartworm treatment and fell in love. She became an integral part of his world. It was always a joy seeing the brindle blur from time to time, safe and loved. Serendipity sent me to her that day. She was finally done waiting for her person to come back. Thank you, St. Francis, for giving me the ability to listen to what I oftentimes don’t understand.

Franny now waits at the Rainbow Bridge. She had 13 wonderful years with Eric & his family. She passed in the arms of those she loved in 2011.

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