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Shortly after the girls & I moved to The Red Barn a load of dirt was delivered. The dirt has been used to fill in the ever present low spots in the pasture. These are hippo puddles when we’ve had rain! This dirt happened to come from a pet cemetery. Yep. I said pet cemetery. We’ve found an occasional leg bone, dog blanket and toys during our daily jaunts to and fro. I’d heard the owners of the pet cemetery contacted the animal owners to tell them the property had been sold. I hope this allowed folks to move their beloved pets if they wanted.

You can just see the edge of the barren dirt pile to the left of Cass.

Our pile of cemetery dirt has come to life.

A big chunk of the dirt pile had been used a few months ago to fill in where the trees downed our fence. After that an amazing transformation began.

The prettiest little wild flowers have taken over the pet cemetery dirt!

This makes us smile. We find it quite appropriate. They are lovely and we hope they stay.

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