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Can anyone guess why this young man’s so happy?

Jonah sees what Cass has for breakfast.

He’s getting to meet Cass and Becca after reading about them the past 4 years on this very blog! He and his brother, Bryce, were in town visiting their Grand-Parents who happen to be Pookie clients. I’m always happy to show the girls off. They’re always happy to have visitors – especially kids.


Jonah asked all sorts of good questions. I told the stories of when Cass left Canada with Becca in her belly. And the story of Becca being born. They were amazed how much bigger Becca is than her momma. Cass was comfortable around the boys. She speaks to me in our silent language and I knew she’d be fine to let Jonah do some grooming.





Becca was napping in her stall while her Momma was getting prettied. Looks like Cass was falling asleep herself! After we got them groomed I put the family in a safe spot near the corner of the barn. I had the girls run so could really hear what thundering hooves sound like. They were thrilled! Bryce took video of the race, Cass was in the lead the majority of the time. It was a beautiful day and the girls enjoyed running as much as we did watching them.


We enjoyed spending time with their Kentucky fans and hope they visit again! When they were leaving, the girls actually left their tub of hay to come say goodbye. They don’t even do that for me! I believe they’ve made some good friends. That’s what Christmas is all about.


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