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Have I mentioned how absolutely wonderful our pet sitting clients are? Well… they ARE! I’ve known Charlotte for several years from her work with our friends at The Doggie Door. She’s a greyhound gal. Greyhounds happen to be on our list of favorite breeds. I met her new hound last weekend as I signed her up to be part of the official Pookie pet sitting family.

Maggie May, retired Greyhound

As I was leaving that day into Hurricane Isaac, I mentioned my next stop was the barn. That was all Charlotte needed to hear! She grabbed her keys and away we went. We fed, mucked stalls, stored water and prepared the barn for possible high winds. She met my special girls and fell in love – as all do. Having help and company was much appreciated.

Today she brought her husband, Tom for an impromptu Fall Cleaning Day! We’d made note last week that the barn needed a good cleaning out once the storm danger was past. They weren’t shy about getting to work.

Tom & Charlotte sweeping up.

They came bearing gifts for the girls, bananas… that’s the best! We got a lot done. All the old hay inside the perimeter of the barn is picked up. Sorry rats, no more free bedding. Found a massive fire ant hill in the storage stall. That won’t do. They will die. Cleaned up some donation stuff for JM Horse Rescue and before we knew it the morning had flown by. I believe I even heard Charlotte say, “Horse poop doesn’t smell bad.”

Tom, Cass & Charlotte

The highlight of the day was watching Cass and Becca run, really RUN! I put my helpers behind the safety of the gate and got the girls moving those hooves. I run with them (sort of) using the whip to urge them along. The sound of it is all they need and we’ve got a Kentucky Derby! Seeing them run is awesome. Seeing them happy is even better. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of our helpers, too.

Becca, Charlotte & Tom

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The first Saturday in May is probably just that for many people. Not me. Not my family. It’s the day we most miss our Dad, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa for it’s Derby Day! The Running of the Roses is a mere few hours away. In our family it was as big as Christmas. We had a BBQ, everyone would come over, we’d put together a Derby Pot and then watch the greatest 2 minutes in sports, amidst a great deal of noise.

Dad & grand-daughter, Jennifer

My family in St. Louis is doing just that today. They are celebrating as Dad would want. But we all miss him. I miss the phone calls leading up to the race (all day long!) and then the analysis after the race. I don’t even know who’s running today. Don’t have him to tell me. There are a lot of dirty, little, secrets in the Thoroughbred Racing world and they hurt my heart. I don’t let them do so on Derby Day.

My love of horses comes from my Dad. He took me to the track, tried to teach me to read a Racing Form (still can’t) and thoroughly enjoyed betting the ponies. He used to tell me stories of the old farm workhorse, Joe. He really wanted to meet my girls but died before getting the chance. He kept telling me to quit interfering with Cass and raising her baby. “She knows better than you, ” he said. He was right. He would’ve loved them. Today I celebrate my love of horses… I celebrate my love of Dad and family. Riders Up!

My greeting committee every morning.

Becca’s top view.

Momma is waiting me out. Why walk all the way over to me if I’m coming her way, right?

Becca was actually born on a racing day – the Preakness.

They’re ready for breakfast!

Cass is moving away from the trash can I’m dragging.

Becca wants to help.

Cass getting impatient.

Time to eat!

Have you ever seen a cuter pony? I think not.

Done and ready for the day.

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