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The New Year brought us our old routine back to the barn. It’s just us girls again. A herd of 3 –  Cass, Becca and me. Our barnmate found a place to live with his horses. We’re jealous. We have no complaints, though, we love our little red barn. I’m fortunate the drive is just a few miles from home. At the first chance I took the little Blue Beastie and loaded her to the gills with hay. The guys at the feed store always look at me like I’m crazy when I pull around in my Scion. Hee! Hee!

That's 5 bales!

That’s 5 bales!

Good thing I don't need to see out the back!

Good thing I don’t need to see out the back!

You can distinctly see a difference in color between the bales. The brownish one is the cheapo hay. The pretty green bales are pricier but I got a couple dollars off on them. They were out of the type I actually wanted. I’m going to have to go back and grab some more of these nice ones.

Happy Horses!

Happy Horses!

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy, Hay-Filled New Year!


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Just some things that make me happy…

Seeing deer casually stroll as I drive through client neighborhoods always make me smile.


Old dogs make me happy.


Dogs that once wanted to rip my throat out, now giving me kisses make me happy.


The beautiful Florida sky often gives me pause to stop and thank God.


Totally happy I did NOT give Becca, my baby horse, away.

Lots of changes from 2 to 3 years.

Bears on trash day make me happy.


Watching Lucas grow makes me happy and he always makes me laugh!


I’m very happy knowing my crazy dog always has my back.


I’m happy she can actually have a friend to play with rather than try to kill.


A family of Sandhill Cranes demanding dinner makes me giggle.


I’m happy to play with an exuberant Labrador.


A fully stocked cabinet makes me very happy.


Seeing we are winning one of the battles makes me happy. This hangs in our city airport.


Knowing there are kids playing fort with their dogs makes me happy.


Being able to see one of my rescue pups from day one to past 12 years makes me more than happy. I’m thankful when clients / friends adopt our dogs.


My husband’s loving heart makes me happy.


A perfectly mucked stall makes me happy.


Natures’ grace makes me happy.


The magic of this mare makes me not only happy but a better person.


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