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Took this from a friend of mine since she said it so well… “I may not have everything I want, but I have everything I need and so much more than I deserve. I am truly blessed.” (Thank you, Robyn.)

Today is Thanksgiving. Scottie & I cannot be with our extended family since holidays are busy for our business. We’re able to allow others to be with their families while holding down the various forts. We’ve been doing it so long it’s second nature. Years past we’ve ordered our turkey dinner from Publix, then noshed on leftovers for days and days. This time we decided to get down and dirty and have our very own Ghettogiving! In fact, it will be ready by the time I’m done writing this. The horses got carrot treats, the pack of cattledogs are parked in various spots, the cats are napping in the bedroom, Gus the chihuahua is still being hateful… life is good!

Be thankful for what you do have, be kind to others and call your mother.

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