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They’re no longer alone. They’re now part of a herd, a herd of four.


These handsome fellas are Bandero (Bay Arabian) and Dash (White Arabian).They belong to our trainer and friend, Gary and his daughter, Lexy. Normally these personalities wouldn’t mesh too well with low-key drafters like Cass and Becca but these boys are special. They know exactly how to talk to each of the girls.


Becca was way more upset by their presence than Cass in the first few days. Cass just wants no drama. Becca was looking for a bit of a fight. The boys didn’t give her one. You can see in the pic above Dash is talking to Becca, telling her he means no harm and just wants to be friends. Becca is standing her ground, ears pinned. She’s learned there’s no need to charge to fight. You can’t see because she’s so short, but Cass is in between the two.


Becca’s been keeping a “bubble” around her momma. When I walk into the pasture Becca keeps the boys back so Cass and I can walk into the barn. It only took about a week for her to realize the boys (especially Bandero) can be fun! They pair up to graze as does Cass and Dash. They’ve worked out any problems and have become a comfortable herd. Energy is peaceful, calm and happy. Cass is spending more time out grazing rather than standing in her shed.


Becca is in charge but all seem to want to be where Cass is. I get that.


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