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* Reflecting on our five years together.

I was at a client’s house, their Bichon on my lap, when I had my phone interview with Jennifer from The Animali Farm. How the heck had it gotten this far?! Yes, I’d sent in an application to adopt the Fjordhorse known as BM April #4218 but I really didn’t think I’d be approved! Truth be told, I embellished my horse experience just a wee bit in some crazy grasp at just trying to buy this horse some more time before heading to auction. BM April was in Canada… Jennifer from Animali was in California… and I was sitting there in Florida petting Toby and doing my best to act like I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. At all.

Jennifer and I spoke for nearly an hour. Toby certainly loved the extra attention she was getting by being my partner in crime that day. The question was finally posed, “Do you want BM April?”. (My God! Was I really approved to adopt a horse?!) The word “YES!” flew out of my mouth before I could stop it. The wheels were put in motion. I was adopting a horse. Or should I say, we (meaning Scottie and I) were adopting a horse. He just didn’t know it, yet.

Yep, buying a horse off the internet from 1 photo is perfectly fine. :-)

Yep, buying a horse off the internet from 1 photo is perfectly fine. 🙂

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Today marks the 1st of February. It also marks the start to a big month for us in the Prince household. We reach a milestone the end of this month, five years since that pregnant little mare changed our lives! My… how far we’ve come. I remember seeing the 1st email about PMU mares needing placement. I vividly remember seeing the name Fjordhorse and having no idea what that could be. When I began looking at photos I was taken back to my childhood. I always drew the same horse, over and over again. Didn’t know it at the time but that horse from childhood was a Fjordhorse.

1st photo I saw of Fjordhorses from the Animali website.

1st photo I saw of Fjordhorses from the Animali website.

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It still amazes me that I can use an electric clipper on Cass. She stands perfectly still, I don’t even have to hold her lead rope. Getting to this was certainly not an overnight process.

Patience has been the key. Neither one of us has been in any kind of hurry. We took the time to learn each other and more importantly, trust each other. Learning the clippers was in baby steps. First the noise only, then to have her actually look at the clanging thing was a big step. But to have her remain calm while the clipper touched her was huge! So proud of my girl.

Her mane is cut for two reasons. 1. She is a Fjordhorse and that’s the way they should be cut. 2. It’s more comfortable for her in dealing with our heat and her allergies. I can get the magical potions into her skin easier when her tremendously thick mane is short.

She was more than happy to pose after her hair cut. It grows out fast, as does her forelock. She needed all that hair up in Canada.

Her daughter has me in a dilemma. I’ve been letting her mane grow. She’s adorable this way, don’t you think?

She’s a bit like Tina Turner from the ’80’s. If left to grow it will get quite long. Cass’s was nearly to her shoulder when I got her.

Am I not trimming hers in the proper Fjordhorse way because I think she’s better this way or because I don’t want to deal with making her behave? Becca has a much shorter attention span than her mother. I’ve made a few feeble attempts to desensitize her to the clippers and it’s just not gone well. We really need to work on it. Tomorrow. Maybe.

There’s serious grass eating they need to do today.


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