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Last post I was hawking funds for our Grimmy girl. That has come to a standstill. We truly appreciate all who have donated for this special girl. The $285 is set aside to use for her and her alone. Know that.

Grimmy relaxed after her craniosacral therapy session.

Grimmy relaxed after her craniosacral therapy session.

We’ve come up against a very hard brick wall. The Bank is attempting to take our home. If circumstances were different we’d be forced to make the smart business decision and walk away, as a lot have. We can’t do that. Not many places we can go with 7 dogs & 6 cats… not to mention a few birds and bunnies and horses. So, we MUST save our home! We started an indiegogo campaign where we lay everything out on the table. It’s a little different in the Perks we’re offering in exchange for help.

Click here for the site ~ Help Save Our Family!

Our plight has only been out to the World for a little over 24 hours. We’re overwhelmed. We’re humbled. We are  proud to know so many wonderful folks are out there. One of our clients has dubbed us all The Pookie NationI really like that. I’ve cried so much the past 2 days I’m exhausted. Conversations with my 81 year old Mother have been tough, really tough. The last thing I want is her worrying we’ll be on the streets. We are fighting for our lives, all our lives.

Didn’t want to end on such a downer note. Here are the girls, the reason for this blog in the first place. 🙂


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I found a piece of paper I had tucked away in a drawer at the barn. On it I’d written eight things I’d planned to accomplish over the year. I only got one done. It happened to be the most important one, getting back to St. Louis for my Mom’s birthday party, but I still felt a bit ashamed of myself. So, I’m carrying over my “to accomplish list” and have already gotten a head start on a biggie – riding Cass!

Amidst the craziness of the holidays one of our miracle workers, Wes Maillard, came out to do some CranioSacral therapy on my girl. I didn’t want to start working her with our saddle until I knew her body was in balance and could handle the weight.

Wes begins working on Cass.

Wes begins working on Cass.

What is CranioSacral therapy? It’s a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole body health and performance. Wes has worked on Cass a handful of times over the nearly five years I’ve had her. Not difficult to imagine how riding on a truck five days and over 3,000 miles would get a body out of whack, especially while carrying a baby. We met Wes shortly after Cass arrived. I’ve witnessed her body letting go of trauma when he works his magic. Truly magical stuff.











A funny thing happened this day. Shortly before Wes was to arrive, my neck went out, seriously OUT! I was lifting the pasture gate up and BAM! an intense shot of pain ran through my neck. I tried to shake it off but couldn’t. I even had to call Scottie out to the barn to help me because I could barely move. I kept thinking, “Wes is coming, he can fix me!”

And he did. Amazingly. Now I really understand how I’m helping my horse feel better. Thank you, Wes. Whew!



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