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Took this from a friend of mine since she said it so well… “I may not have everything I want, but I have everything I need and so much more than I deserve. I am truly blessed.” (Thank you, Robyn.)

Today is Thanksgiving. Scottie & I cannot be with our extended family since holidays are busy for our business. We’re able to allow others to be with their families while holding down the various forts. We’ve been doing it so long it’s second nature. Years past we’ve ordered our turkey dinner from Publix, then noshed on leftovers for days and days. This time we decided to get down and dirty and have our very own Ghettogiving! In fact, it will be ready by the time I’m done writing this. The horses got carrot treats, the pack of cattledogs are parked in various spots, the cats are napping in the bedroom, Gus the chihuahua is still being hateful… life is good!

Be thankful for what you do have, be kind to others and call your mother.

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As I scrolled through Facebook today I saw so many posts from people saying how terrible 2011 has been. It has been a rough year for just about everyone. I know our business, Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting, has suffered a great deal. People just aren’t traveling, no money to do so. Two years ago our end of the year invoice count was 1,500. This year we just hit over 450. That’s a huge difference and we’ve felt every bit of it. We’ve been hanging on by a thin thread and the blessings of those who care about us. Anytime I start to spend money on something for Scottie or myself, I break it down to how many bales of hay it would buy. The hay always wins. Our needs can wait, the animals always have and always will come first. I’ve flirted with the idea of getting a “real job” again but having set hours to something else would make it nearly impossible to keep our clients. It’s not easy to give up on our business of the past 15 years.

Wonderful moments were cherished this year. Cass & I conquered many fears, the biggest which was actually riding!

Very first time on her back. She acted like we'd been doing so her whole life.

Scottie & I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this coming April! He’s still my best friend and always makes me laugh, no matter how mad he may make me. 2011 rattled us a few times but we’re both smart enough to see things through and find our loving hearts.

Our beloved Pookie Bros., Frank & Sam, shortly before both passed at 16 years.

We got our dog, Eva, her very own puppy for Christmas. She’s thrilled! It’s been neat watching her drop that serious exterior and play like only cattledogs can play. I guess we can now say you’re official Tesla Mae 🙂

The established cowgirls check out the new gal in town.

2012 brings with it endless possibilities. I’m excited to continue my journey with Cass & Becca. It’s up to me to be the herd leader they deserve and I will do that for them. New cowgirl, Tes, will be acclimated to the barn life. I’m counting on her to follow Eva. The barn is where I find my peace in this crazy, terrifying, sometimes sad world.

Mother & daughter sharing some breakfast hay.

Cass always wants to know what I'm doing.

Becca's so cute I can barely stand it!

Cass relaxing and enjoying life.

How can I feel anything other than blessed when I am here?

Becca is looking forward to an exciting New Year!

Everyone, please stay safe tonight. Tomorrow brings with it all the promises of a new day. We have the power to make it what we want. Happy New Year!


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