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(One of the blogs we follow is written by a mule named Fenway Bartholomule. He’s very talented. Recently a lovely mini donkey named Arrietty G. Teaspoon joined the Fenway Bartholomule family. Arrietty has scars and wounds from her previous life. They are having a contest to see who can figure out how those wounds came to be. A thousand blown kisses by Fen himself is at stake here! The following story is how the  girls & I imagined it.  ~ The part of Miss Arrietty G. Teaspoon in our story, is being played by mini donkey Clementine.)

Life in CassidyLand was peaceful, serene, easy. The eclectic collection of critters had formed a funky family. Cows, horses, donkeys, goats and a lamb enjoyed the pasture and each others company.

Respecting the bond of mothers and babies ruled each day. Maybelline had her little Bobby Lee, Cass had her (not so little) Becca and Mathilde had her very special baby, Arrietty.

Maybelline & son.

Mary, the little lamb, came to CassidyLand an orphan. As special things always happen there, the resident bull took it upon himself to watch over her. When you saw Mary, Snuffy was never far behind. They would often curl up together for naps.

Mary & her adopted family.

One day Arrietty overheard the farm woman say something about “the donkeys can protect them.” She also heard the word coyote. Arrietty had never heard either word before. She asked her mother what “protecting” meant and could she do it?! Mathilde had been around a long, long time. She had been made to raise far too many babies before coming to CassidyLand. She knew exactly what protecting meant. She’d even treed a bear once who unknowingly walked across her path. He never made that mistake again! Mathilde told her daughter, not to worry. Protecting is what grownups do. “You are yet a baby, no need to think about such things.”

The residents of CassidyLand would soon need to worry.

Mathilde, Becca & Arrietty being played by Clementine.

A pack of coyotes had been casing out CassidyLand for a few days. They had pups to feed and their hunger was defeating their common sense. They knew cows could deliver deadly kicks and those horses looked like none they’d ever seen before. They were short but powerhouses. Maybe, just maybe they could snag a small one before the big ones would even know they were there. As the babies frolicked and played the adults of CassidyLand could sense something was about to happen. They just didn’t know what. Their routine went on as usual.

Fjordhorses Cass & Becca.

This particular night, as usual, Cass & Becca were put into their smaller pen at dinnertime. The goats were eating in their stall and the cows, with Mary in tow, were settling into the shed with their full bellies and heavy eyelids. The donkeys were free to go where they pleased, as was the routine. Nighttime was settling over CassidyLand.

Bobby Lee looks out from the shed before turning in for the night.

Sometime before dawn, Maybelline awoke with such a start she hit her head against the shed wall. She was momentarily dazed but could make out the shadowy figure slinking toward her boy. Coyotes! Her roaring (yes, cows can make some crazy noises) brought the herd immediately to their feet and circling the babies. Out in the smaller paddock, Cass and Becca were snorting and kicking, running crazy trying to help but they couldn’t jump the fence! One of the coyotes grabbed at Bobby Lee’s back leg and was promptly met with a kick from Snuffy that sent him halfway across the pasture. Dirt and fur was flying in every direction! Hooves and heads were hitting anything near. Maybelline was frantic trying to find her baby! Where’s Bobby Lee?!

He had somehow slipped through the safety of the family and was being circled by three more coyotes. Maybelline was watching in horror and slow motion when out of nowhere came a hurricane of brown fur and donkey brays! Arrietty was racing toward the coyotes just as fast as her tiny feet could carry her! The cows, horses, goats and Mathilde all looked on in horror as she flew into a rage.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Arrietty’s hooves made contact with the closest murderous canine. He tumbled off into the darkness. She turned and faced the one to her left and was readying her onslaught when she felt something heavy and searing lay into her backside. One of the coyotes had attacked her! He was holding on and digging in despite her repeated attempts to kick him off. In the melee, Bobby Lee was able to run back to his mother’s side, shaken but with no apparent wounds. Snuffy and the rest of the herd, along with Mathilde charged. They had to help Arrietty! Mathilde’s maternal instincts overpowered her small stature, she grabbed the coyote with her mouth and threw him into the side of a tree. He hobbled off, whimpering, realizing they were outnumbered and out muscled.

Once the sun came up and the farm woman arrived the damage was easily seen. Everyone in CassidyLand was heartbroken and battered. Becca had cut herself trying to jump the fence. Maybelline had broken hooves and a headache, Arrietty was severely wounded but worst of all was little Mary. Sweet, little Mary. She was found, barely alive, right where the coyotes had dropped her. Part of her leg was missing. The farm woman’s son ended her suffering.

Maybelline & Bobby Lee recuperating.

In time, CassidyLand got back to normal. Wounds healed. Babies grew. It was once again peaceful, serene and easy. All the animals had a new name for Miss Arrietty G. Teaspoon. That new name was Hero. She no longer had to wonder what “protecting” meant. She knew you do what you have to for those you love, no matter how many coyotes there are.

In memory of Mary, our little lamb.

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