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There’s a little tiny dude making big waves on the interwebs. His name is Spike Strip Taylor, have you heard of him? He’s quite a celebrity on Facebook. I’ve been a fan of his for some time and look forward to his daily Spike-isms. Here’s today’s example: I told mum I got ants in my pants, and to either take me on an adventure – or go buy me a can of Raid. Spike


Spike is a mighty 4 pound Papillon who sports a mohawk. He’s wise. He’s enchanting. He’s loved by nearly 17,ooo of his pack members on Facebook. It’s amazing how attached I feel to a family I’ve never met. That is the power of social media. We become involved, investing our hearts and if Spike has anything to say about it, we will all keep doing good deeds way past his time. Spike is sick and has been since he was rescued. I intimately know the battle he’s fighting, as 2 of ours were taken by congestive heart failure. I know the heartbreak to come for his Mum & Dad. His pack will be there, heartbroken right along with them.

I have driven by this place thousands of times over the years. Never gave much thought to it other than noticing it. Since finding Spike’s Place I can’t drive by without smiling because I think of him. It’s a shame it’s gone out of business. I really wish I would’ve just stopped and gone in one time.


It’s for sale if anyone’s interested.


Spike’s Mum (as he calls her) is writing a book about Spike & his brother, Scrappy. I’m thrilled about this! I’ve been secretly hoping she had something like this in the works. She’s been able to capture the essence of this dog through her phrasing and quips. It’s simply adorable while still being able to get some very serious points across. I see great things in their future.

Not too long ago we had a scare from our fearless and furry leader. Spike collapsed while out at a do-gooding event. Candles were lit all over the internet. Prayers were said. Healing energy from all parts of the world was sent to Spike. I bought a Papillon fridge magnet on impulse with all intentions of mailing it to his Mum. I’ve had it hanging on my own fridge, selfishly reveling in smiles each time I see it because I think of Spike.

Spike, The Baconator, Head of the Bacon Clan has a simple philosophy – While I’m here we’re celebrating my life everyday with smiles, awareness, and good deeds, my legacy. We promote & support “adopt, don’t shop,” and speak out against Breed Specific Legislation & bullying. We encourage our Pack to help others, show compassion to our elders and each other. Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Go check out this special, special pup. He has his own charity, Operation Pet Pals, pawing it forward by giving stuffed animals to those in hospitals and nursing homes. He’s got funny videos, lots of famous friends, tons of photos and a great outlook on life. He’s got perspective. He’s got a fan for life. HECK YEAH!!!! 🙂

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