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On your naked cat.

Eva, our 6 year old Australian Cattledog, becomes easily obsessed. Come to think of it, that’s basically what being a Cattledog is all about. As of late, the obsession has been toward our Sphynx cat, Gertie the Moon Bear. (She morphed into our version of a Moon Bear after hearing a story of one told by my 4 year old Great-Nephew, Lucas.)

* Excuse the blurriness, taken w/ancient iPhone in low light. *


Gertie is simply trying to get back to bed after having a snack.


Eva is not making a sound. Eva is not making any movement. The stare is steadfast.


Gertie really, really needs to get back to bed. Eating is exhausting.


Gertie sizes up the threat. She makes her approach.


She goes for it!

In response, Eva grabs a bone (not one of Gertie’s), thrashes it about, then dives into her crate. Frustrated… yet again. By what exactly, I don’t know. Does she want to eat Gertie? She’s never made the attempt. Does she want to herd Gertie? She’s never made the attempt. Eva mostly just wants to stare at Gertie. I suppose that’s to be expected when you live with a real live Moon Bear!

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