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Happy weekend…we are in the final leg of voting 3 more days please keep up the votes! This weekend everyone will be pushing hard to get their final votes in and placement on the leader board is changing rapidly. We don’t want to lose our spot now we are so close to being in this  final phase of the challenge. So please keep us at the top with your votes it will mean so much to the homeless animals in our area if we make it to the final phase of the challenge.
This link will get you to our page and all you need to do is put your email address in and hit the vote button…if this is the first time you have voted you will need to confirm an email that will go into your email in box. If you don’t see it there right away check your spam. We need all the votes we can get until 4/16. Thanks for helping our animals with just a click of your mouse.

Please forward this on to all your friends and family let them know what a great shelter your voting for. Remember voting does not end until 11:59 Monday night please keep those votes up this weekend.



CindyLou shelter alumni

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WhooHoo!!!!!! Seminole County Animal Services (SCAS) has been selected as one of the 108 shelters in our country to be eligible for this awesome opportunity! What is the challenge? The $100K Challenge is a national competition to inspire animal shelters—and those who support them—to go above and beyond to increase pet adoption, reunite lost pets with their families and save more animals’ lives. Cool, huh?! There are an estimated 4,000 – 6,000 animal shelters in the US. Being one of the participating shelters is an honor and… well… a challenge! It’s a challenge the staff and volunteers at SCAS are more than willing to take on.

$100K Challenge info!

Starting TODAY (April 5th) visit Vote To Save Lives and vote EACH DAY for Seminole County Animal Services until April 16th. You must be at least 13 years of age and have a valid email address. This is the important part!!!!!! The first time you vote, you’ll need to confirm your email address by responding to the confirmation address you provide – If you don’t do this, your votes won’t count!!!

Blinky SCAS alumni

Why help SCAS? The short answer is they are the absolute best animal shelter in the state of FL! I began working with them in 1994, not long after they acquired a new shelter manager named Mary Beth. She was and continues to be the driving force that saves countless lives and makes families complete. She also… just so happened… to pioneer how shelters could and should utilize rescue groups. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome!

Mary Beth & the famous swimmer pup, Harper

Did you know the Taco Bell chihuahua came from SCAS? Well, our Taco played the part of the stunt double to the world-famous Gidget.

I know this to be true since we fostered Taco and sent him in a limo to Miami to audition to play backup to Gidget. There were even a few shots in the famous commercials I could tell were him, saw his boy parts! He was a professional actor and lived a happy life with his trainer and Gidget.

The now famous Dolly The Pitbull and Harper the Swimmer Puppy both came from SCAS.

This is not to mislead you that a pet you adopt from SCAS will become a television star or internet celebrity. The odds of that are probably pretty slim.

Setzer & Kobay SCAS alumni

But any pet you adopt, if you invest your heart and time, will become all the superstar you ever needed. 🙂

Jill SCAS alumni

So join us in this effort to allow all the stars to shine.

Jay Bird SCAS alumni

Vote everyday for Seminole County Animal Services!

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