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It’s Been Nine Years

Yes, it’s been nine years since I began this blog, journaling the rescue of a PMU mare we named Cassidy April. That first year was especially filled with daily excitement and newly found obstacles to overcome. I’ve been remiss in the past few years in writing here. Facebook has taken over a lot of things, including the things I write. In fact, an entire year has passed since I last wrote in this blog. The good news? The horses, Cass and her daughter, Becca are still as lovely as ever. In fact, this weekend marks an amazing anniversary!

It’s been nine years since this gorgeous mare daintily stepped into my life and changed everything. She changed me. She changed herself. What started as a fear of the dark unknown has become a deep bond of trust, respect and love. All that matters is her safety and happiness. I promise to always provide that.


We spend our time brushing lots of hair, soaking up tears and solving world problems amongst the manure and stall shavings. I don’t ride her and it doesn’t matter in the least. It never has. Every once in a while we take a stroll around the neighborhood, me walking my horse the same as I would walk a dog. Our day to day goings on are fairly uneventful. Which is how we like it. My dream horse is a dream come true. She’s 17 years old now and we will grow into old horse ladies together.

Her daughter, Becca,  embarked on her own adventures a couple years ago. Just this past December she won blue ribbons in her very first Dressage show! We are just a little proud. We get regular updates and braggings about our baby horse from her adoptive momma. Everything we prayed to come true for her did. Isn’t she breathtaking?



And to think, nine years ago, Cass was carrying her unborn baby to an unknown fate. The stars aligned, mountains were moved and lives were forever changed.


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