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A year ago, Scottie and I were sitting in foreclosure court. We were terrified. I was determined. It was mesmerizing and heartbreaking all at the same time. People’s lives were broken down into manila folders and haphazardly tossed about on tables by dark suits. There were only 2 other families there even trying to fight to save their homes.

The noise in the room was nearly deafening. I somehow figured out who the opposing attorney was for our case and I grabbed her arm and simply said, “I am here.” That simple statement changed the course of our destiny. We were able to make a deal outside of court and buy us more time. The time we were allotted showed us more humbling love than I could have ever imagined. It took from January until October to really get it all straightened out. Our home and family were saved. We were saved by love. The worst time in our life was also our best. Because of love.

Love is such a powerful thing. It can destroy. It can build up. Love is capable of connecting strangers for life. That is what happened in 2009. We’d already brought Cass and Becca into our lives the year before. Then we found out that Becca’s sire, Marvin (a 19 year old Fjord stallion) was now in jeopardy of going to auction. For a mostly untrained, pasture breeding, beefy boy, that meant one thing – the kill buyer. Several of us jumped into action. We raised the funds needed to buy him but had no where for him to go. That is when Julie Barnes stepped up and forever changed all of us!

… to be continued…

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Here’s To The New Year



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