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Sam was only three years old when he was headed for a horrific fate. The cowboys who’d bought him to actually work cows gave up on him when his training wasn’t coming along like they wanted. As is often the case in the horse world, the horse was sent to auction. On this particular day a group of ladies were in attendance who had only one thing on their minds. (Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue) Saving horses from going to the kill buyers. The kill buyers who buy to sell to the slaughter houses don’t want the old and infirm as we are led to believe. They want horses like Sam. A young, healthy muscular horse who’s had some training so he’s easier to handle.

That happened to be Sams’ lucky day. One of the ladies had been asked by Gayle to save a brown horse. She was giving herself a birthday present by honoring her long-lost horse from her youth. Her intention was simply to pay for his refuge from the horrors of slaughter. Fate had other ideas. Once in the custody of the rescue, Gayle went to visit the horse she’d help to rescue. He made it abundantly clear he intended to live with her! So that’s what happened. Sam has been a major part of Gayle’s life for the past six years.

Sam & Gayle

Sam & Gayle

There have been many ups and downs on their road to partnership, trust and respect. Fear makes all of us, human and horse, do stupid things. They’ve overcome every obstacle and naysayer. Gayle and I became friends the weekend we both brought our terrified horses to live at the same boarding stable. We’ve all been through a lot. I can say I’m extremely proud of both of them. What I’m most proud of is watching Sam show us his true destiny.


These are Gayle’s granddaughters. They help take care of Sam. The greatest thing is, Sam understands he’s to take care of them. He will be a huge part of their lives for the rest of his life. Girls who grow up with horses have such a special advantage to those that don’t. They learn confidence, empathy, responsibility. Little girls learn how not to get stepped on or pushed around. Think about that for a minute… If a thousand pound horse can’t do it, do you think they’ll let some teenage boy do it?! They learn just how capable they really are. They learn an incomparable love.

His little girls.

His little girls.


They are family. They bring one another joy. There are many more Sams out there. Waiting. All it takes is the right person at the right time. I believe there are no unwanted horses – as proponents of horse slaughter want us to believe – there are horses who need to find their destiny. People need to take responsibility, rather than taking the easy way and easy buck out.


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