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A client is waking today with the worst possible feeling.  As her eyes come into focus, she will wonder and hope yesterday was just a bad dream. Then she sees the empty dog bed. It was real. Her beloved is gone. This comes hard and fast like a punch in the gut from a prize fighter. I’ve literally been dropped to my knees before when arising from bed the “day after”. It doesn’t make it any easier she was an old and sick dog. Grief will take its sweet time. Its affect on us is different from person to person. I know Jessica will be watching her momma from above and helping her through the pain. She was her angel. Now she has wings. Give her your strength, big girl. I was honored to have known Jessica. I was even more honored to get that one quick kiss upon my arrival – every time – before we’d go for a walk.

No words needed.

No words needed. Jessica & her momma.

Photo take w/bad cell phone but this is her sweet face.

Photo take w/bad cell phone but this is her sweet face.

As is the way of things, life keeps forging on despite whatever problems or crisis there may be. (Refer to previous post about trying to save our home.) We said goodbye to one of our senior cats. Baby Sarah Cat was also old and sick. She’d come to us a 4-week old in a litter of homeless kittens. The siblings all got their own families but Ramirez had chosen Sarah as his own! He raised her. He’d clean her after she ate, keep the other dogs away from her and taught her to wrestle. She was his cat.

Ramirez & Sarah

Ramirez & Sarah as a baby.

The bond between the two remained steadfast though she wasn’t the sweetest or friendliest to Scottie, me or the other animals. We accepted her as she was and let her be. An interesting thing happened after Ramirez passed. Sarah became loving and affectionate! It was a bit scary at first but then it was just so nice to finally be able to give her attention. She loved the attention. She must have missed her “daddy” as much as we did. We know he was thrilled to see her again. They are together forever. It is as it should be.

Sweet Baby Sarah Cat.

Sweet Baby Sarah Cat.

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