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Last post I was hawking funds for our Grimmy girl. That has come to a standstill. We truly appreciate all who have donated for this special girl. The $285 is set aside to use for her and her alone. Know that.

Grimmy relaxed after her craniosacral therapy session.

Grimmy relaxed after her craniosacral therapy session.

We’ve come up against a very hard brick wall. The Bank is attempting to take our home. If circumstances were different we’d be forced to make the smart business decision and walk away, as a lot have. We can’t do that. Not many places we can go with 7 dogs & 6 cats… not to mention a few birds and bunnies and horses. So, we MUST save our home! We started an indiegogo campaign where we lay everything out on the table. It’s a little different in the Perks we’re offering in exchange for help.

Click here for the site ~ Help Save Our Family!

Our plight has only been out to the World for a little over 24 hours. We’re overwhelmed. We’re humbled. We are  proud to know so many wonderful folks are out there. One of our clients has dubbed us all The Pookie NationI really like that. I’ve cried so much the past 2 days I’m exhausted. Conversations with my 81 year old Mother have been tough, really tough. The last thing I want is her worrying we’ll be on the streets. We are fighting for our lives, all our lives.

Didn’t want to end on such a downer note. Here are the girls, the reason for this blog in the first place. 🙂


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