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In my years of animal rescue work, Mothers have always held a special place in my heart. There was the Doberman who actually gave birth in my car as I frantically drove from her stupid owner’s home to my vet. Six babies were born but only one survived. The vet wanted to concentrate on the babies because the Mother seemed beyond hope. After my adamant outburst, the vet quickly turned her attention to saving the Mother. Eeyore did survive and is one of my greatest success stories. I still get emails and photos, even though she’s had her own family for ten plus years.

IMG_2419_eeyore_kath 2

Mia and Nellie were part of our family for far too short a time. Both spent nearly ten years pumping out puppies for pet stores. Both were special, wonderful and complicated. They forever changed our lives and continue to change lives through their documentary.


The little, pregnant mare who tip-toed into our lives from Canada has led us on the most amazing journey. In her prior life, babies were ripped away before she had a chance to watch them grow. In five years, Cass and Becca have only been apart a couple months during the weaning process. The relationship between them is built on respect, trust and love. Becca’s surpassed her Mother in size and attitude. We recently acquired new barn mates. It’s been fun watching Becca now protecting her Mother. A Daughter’s love for her Mother is steadfast and true.


I apologize for the shaky camera. Video is from my not-so-great cell phone. This is exactly what makes it all worthwhile.

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