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Good Intentions

Good intentions aren’t always fulfilled. I had planned on using the month of February to re-tell the story of adopting Cass since we were celebrating 5 years together. But… things got in the way and it’s already March 10th! What are my excuses for slacking? A back injury had me seriously laid up for over a week. I was traipsing from one alternative therapy to another praying for relief. The combination of all finally helped the pain subside. It was difficult to sit at the computer and write so this blog got put on hold. Then I went on a trip to see my family. We weren’t sure I was going to be able to handle the plane ride until the very last minute, but I did and the “doing absolutely nothin” at Mom’s was just what I needed. I did some serious healing, some serious toddler control and some serious new baby cuddling. It was wonderful. Then, not even 4 hours after I arrived back home to FL, I re-injured myself and had a major asthma attack all at the same time! (That’s a story for later.) Ever since, I’ve been sick with some crazy allergy/flu/hot-rocks-in-my-throat thing! Today’s the 1st day I’ve been up out of bed for more than 10 minutes in a few days. I am soooooo thankful for Scottie at times like this. My nose is dripping again and I feel sneezes coming… AaahHH…. CHHHOOOOOO!!!!!

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