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I’m fortunate to have a friend who happens to be a dog groomer. She happens to be a very good groomer and a very good friend. Many moons ago I apprenticed with her to learn the art of grooming. This was during the time I still had a weekday, nine to five job so my Saturdays were spent at the grooming shop. I couldn’t practice on her clients so I would stop by the shelter and pick out a mutt in serious need of a spa day. They may not have had the most even haircut (I’m terrible at cutting straight lines) but they would be clean and had to feel better. I’m proud to say every dog I practiced on got adopted. Little things like that make a huge difference.

It didn’t take long until I realized dog grooming was not my forte. But I can give a tremendous bath! I worked with Terry for about a year as her “bath girl”. Our friendship grew and she remains one of my favorite people. She kept our boy, Sam, looking sharp his entire life. He loved to hang out with his Aunt Terry.

Sammy Dean at 16, shortly before we lost him to bone cancer. He never met a face he didn't kiss!

Sammy Dean at 16, shortly before we lost him to bone cancer. He never met a face he didn’t kiss!

When our family of canines were young (and my back didn’t hurt) Scottie and I used to bathe them weekly! That is crazy. Not only is it not good for their skin but it’s just not necessary. As the years have gone by, our bathing days have become less and less. You know what? We have minimal skin issues and no stinky dogs. Brushing is important, especially when you have Australian Cattledogs who “blow” their coats a few times a year. It seems one of the cowgirls is blowing their coat at all times.

When it is time to bathe I’m thankful I can go to Terry’s and use her bathtub. It’s raised. Makes a huge difference to the bathers pain and suffering. The dog still suffers the indignity of a bath, though, as Eva is about to demonstrate.

She thought we were just out visiting friends.

She thought we were just out visiting friends.

She's pitiful.

She’s pitiful.

She wasn't as dirty as I'd thought she'd be. It's been months since she had a bath.

She wasn’t as dirty as I thought she’d be. It’s been months since she had a bath.

She knows what's coming next.

She knows what’s coming next.

"If you love me you won't put me under the dryer!"

“If you love me you won’t put me under the dryer!”

Alas, she did get put in a crate with a dryer. A cowgirl coat takes a long time to dry. Eva doesn’t have nearly as thick a coat as our other girls but she still needed the dryer. She gets her heart broken easily but recovers quickly. Thank you, Aunt Terry! You make our bathing experiences much more enjoyable.

Eva and Terry, still friends.

Eva and Terry, still friends.


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