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The girls and I have big plans for the coming year… This is our new-to-us-antique-saddle! We really, really like it. Been trying to trace it’s origins but keep hitting dead ends. I would love to know it’s stories.




There’s a cushy saddle pad to go with it. Only took Cass a few moments to realize it wasn’t going to eat her.


Becca, as per her usual way of doing things, didn’t flinch when I tossed it up on her back. She just kept right on eating.


Cass and I have to figure out if this saddle fits her properly. I am not schooled in the ways of saddles at all so need some expert advice. Also have to figure out if it’s going to be too heavy for us. It weighs 37 lbs. We will get it cleaned up, have someone who knows something look at it and decide what steps are next. You just may see us out on the road soon!


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