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Every so often, good things happen for us. Unexpected good things happen and those are the best. We were recently contacted by a lady who wanted to help out some deserving horses. She’d called the shelter (where I volunteer) and asked them who would be some deserving horses – they told her Cass & Becca! It’s true, since we rescued Cass in 2008 she has been the catalyst for the rescue of over 20 horses. That sounds like good deed doing. Not bad for a former thrown-away-baby-machine.

Who, me? says Cass.

A lovely lady named Melanie brought my girls 9 bales of hay! They had been used in a Halloween display and were about to be thrown out. What a pity if that had happened. Hay is not cheap. Hay is an absolute necessity for horses. Free hay tastes sweeter, or so I’m told. We hit it off so well with Melanie that day we wound up chatting for over 2 hours about all things horsey. It’s nice knowing there are such good people out there. We feel overwhelmed sometimes by the generosity of others. We want to be the ones giving but it’s just not always possible for us, especially lately. We are humbled and will pay it forward.

A stocked hay room is a blessing.

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