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Every so often, good things happen for us. Unexpected good things happen and those are the best. We were recently contacted by a lady who wanted to help out some deserving horses. She’d called the shelter (where I volunteer) and asked them who would be some deserving horses – they told her Cass & Becca! It’s true, since we rescued Cass in 2008 she has been the catalyst for the rescue of over 20 horses. That sounds like good deed doing. Not bad for a former thrown-away-baby-machine.

Who, me? says Cass.

A lovely lady named Melanie brought my girls 9 bales of hay! They had been used in a Halloween display and were about to be thrown out. What a pity if that had happened. Hay is not cheap. Hay is an absolute necessity for horses. Free hay tastes sweeter, or so I’m told. We hit it off so well with Melanie that day we wound up chatting for over 2 hours about all things horsey. It’s nice knowing there are such good people out there. We feel overwhelmed sometimes by the generosity of others. We want to be the ones giving but it’s just not always possible for us, especially lately. We are humbled and will pay it forward.

A stocked hay room is a blessing.

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Took this from a friend of mine since she said it so well… “I may not have everything I want, but I have everything I need and so much more than I deserve. I am truly blessed.” (Thank you, Robyn.)

Today is Thanksgiving. Scottie & I cannot be with our extended family since holidays are busy for our business. We’re able to allow others to be with their families while holding down the various forts. We’ve been doing it so long it’s second nature. Years past we’ve ordered our turkey dinner from Publix, then noshed on leftovers for days and days. This time we decided to get down and dirty and have our very own Ghettogiving! In fact, it will be ready by the time I’m done writing this. The horses got carrot treats, the pack of cattledogs are parked in various spots, the cats are napping in the bedroom, Gus the chihuahua is still being hateful… life is good!

Be thankful for what you do have, be kind to others and call your mother.

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I’ve spoken before about our resident Black Racer snake, “X”. He/she (how do you tell the sex of a snake?) hangs in the hay room, suns by the water hose and keeps to himself. I’ve grown fond of him, which is strange. I look for him every morning.

Can you see “X” in the leaves?

Much to my surprise, when I did my usual looking-for-the-barn-snake thing, I found “X” was not alone! We have another Black Racer in residence. This one is about 3x larger then “X”.

New snake.

Should I be freaked out? Should I be glad there’s now a team on rodent duty? Should I be on the lookout for baby snakes?! I will call this one Plisskin. Snake Plisskin.

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