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It’s been just over 3 weeks since we first met the starving Paso Fino horses. When we pulled onto that property and saw the condition of those horses nothing mattered except saving the ones we could actually get on the trailer. Chica, Gypsy, Sierra and Lily were the lucky ones that day. They landed at a little slice of Heaven. Once the immediacy of the situation was at bay and things settled into the daily barn routine it was evident these four girls were going to require more than we could give them.

Enjoying actual grass!

It’s such a disservice to our horses when we don’t train them and show them people can be trusted. These girls were simply scared and unsure. When that’s coupled with not having been handled properly by people it’s downright dangerous. Feeding them was a given and they learned that right away. People with food buckets meant good things. Anything much after that was met with fear and distrust.

Lily needed her nose medicated but was afraid to be touched.

Getting a horse over this type of mentality takes time and patience and then more time and more patience. You also need skills. We realized we didn’t have those skills and needed help. The word was put out to countless forums and rescue groups. Was anyone experienced willing to take on a project such as this?! The general consensus was a big, fat NO!!!! We were getting discouraged and scared. I actually began getting angry. It seemed people were hung up on the fact they were Paso Finos. A horse in need is a horse in need, isn’t it? Then the right message got to the right person at the right time…

I received a private message on one of the forums: “Are you needing someone to take the mares or are you looking for advice on them? We have quite a bit of experience with Pasos. Let me know if we can help you.”

This past Saturday the 4 Paso Fino girls loaded up and were transferred to Promise Acres Equine Rescue. When you do rescue you’re forced to do a lot of soul searching. You must admit your strengths and your weaknesses. Being honest with yourself is the only way you can truly help those animals. When it comes to dogs, Scottie and I are gifted and skilled with the old-timers. That is our passion. Don’t even try to give me a puppy! Won’t work. We (Terri, Gayle, Jim and myself) all knew these horses were beyond our abilities. It wasn’t easy to admit but we had to move forward and do what was best for them. And thank God for the Angels of Promise Acres!

On the way to their next chapter.

They understand the Paso Fino breed. Though I’d gotten a little bent out of shape because of the whole “Paso thing” I now understand there is a difference in breeds – just like with dogs. A Paso requires a certain type of energy and understanding that’s different from my Fjordhorses or a Quarter Horse. At Promise Acres they are in the hands of folks who understand and appreciate this. I know they are going to blossom into the beautiful mares they are meant to be.

The girls at Promise Acres.

Please show Promise Acres some love and “like” them on Facebook. Terri kindly donated funds to care for the girls with their initial vetting and food for at least a month. If you’d like to help also, please go to their website – Promise Acres – they do a lot of cool stuff at this facility. They can only continue their good work through donations and volunteers. We look forward to watching their progress! Chica, Gypsy, Sierra & Lily, we love you. 🙂

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