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Well… not exactly. It was Cass Shaving Day! As soon as the sun starts setting just a minute or two sooner Cass & Becca get their winter coats. Not a good thing when it’s still reaching 85 degrees in the afternoon. Remember, Cass is a Canadian by birth so adjusting to our weather’s been a challenge. She does better and better each year. Florida-born Becca handles the heat and humidity a bit easier than her momma. I also don’t have her trained to the clippers, yet.

My girl’s so good.

I just shave her neck & belly where she sweats.

Looks a bit funny but she’s more comfy.

Still find it hard to believe she allows me to shave her. The first time she ever saw and heard an electric clipper she reared up on her hind legs! Really. She did. We’ve taken our time to establish trust, that’s the key. She truly knows I will not do anything to hurt her and I know the same about her. That’s a good thing since I have to be on my knees underneath her to get to the belly!

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