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I stopped by to see the Paso Fino girls for a bit yesterday. I was greeted warmly at the gate by Chica and Gypsy. When they realized I hadn’t brought food they continued grazing and grabbing bits of moss from the trees. They must feel so excited to actually have a choice of what to eat.

Little Chica.

Her pasture mate, Gypsy.

The herd of four was split in half to allow us more safety in working with them. These are untrained horses who have had minimal to no handling by people. Even with their small size they can still wallop a kick!

It took 4 hours of hard work and 6 people to be able to work on the ratted tails. They, unfortunately, had to be cut. To do it’s job a tail must be able to wisp about. The horses have to be relieved to no longer be carrying baseball bats.

The tails will grow back. Groceries, patience, vet care, more patience, farrier care, bigger patience and fair leadership will bring these girls to the life they deserve.


They’ve landed in a soft place to recuperate. There are still other family members that need experienced foster barns. Ridin Dirty Ranch & Rescue can supply a temporary place only. They have 9 of the Pasos. Please contact Tia 352-638-0432 or talbert590@aol.com if you can help.

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