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I will never understand how a person can stand back and watch their animal starve. Scottie & I will go hungry before any of our animals ever will. If we were not able to feed them we’d get help… somehow. Not everyone feels this way. Unfortunately some of those who don’t, own animals they have no right to. Meet Meadow & Blossom.

Mother & daughter Mustangs.

Blossom is a 6 year old BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Mustang and Meadow is her 3 year old daughter. They are now safely in the care of JM Horse Rescue in Deland, FL. If not for their immediate call to action, these horses would be dead. Meadow’s growth has been stunted, though Blossom has done her absolute best to care for her daughter.

It certainly doesn’t take an animal professional to see these horses are unhealthily skinny. Yet, their owners continued to see them decline slowly day by day. They knew they weren’t feeding them. They knew they weren’t asking out for help. They only gave up ownership once animal control came out. I don’t know the people. I don’t know their situation. I do know it doesn’t matter to me. They were starving these horses.

Blossom & Meadow have a long road of recovery ahead. They’re in a great place to do it. They received veterinary care (probably the first in a long, long time) before even getting off the trailer. Meadow had collapsed during the drive. You can see more pics of them on JM’s website. The girls are no longer scared. They feel safe and they have full bellies. It takes months to drain this much weight off a horse. It’ll take as many to get the weight back on.

They no longer have fear in their eyes.

You can help save their lives. JM Horse Rescue didn’t hesitate when called upon. They simply heard two horses were starving and were on their way to the location with food. They picked them up the next day. Saving and rehabbing horses takes time and money. These special and sweet girls deserve the help. They deserve to feel safe and loved. Any little bit will be deeply appreciated.

Here’s the link to donate: Blossom & Meadow’s Care Fund.

Blossom says THANK YOU!

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