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We have a barn snake. Most barns have barn cats. I’ve contemplated that but there are a couple key points that don’t work. 1. I don’t like cats living outside. 2. I would then have to be responsible for said cat, meaning he’d wind up in our house and we just can’t do that.

“X” basking in the sun by his beloved water hose.

I don’t necessarily like snakes but there’s something about “X” that makes him ok. I’ve never felt threatened by him. He hangs in the hay room under a pile of wood posts. “X” is smart. He’s got a water source and he’s found there are rodent type critters about. So I let him be.

That 1st pic was taken in March and he’s shed his skin twice since. Or I’ve got 2 barn snakes, if they are only supposed to shed once a year. Haven’t seen 2 together. Either way, that means he’s growing which means he’s taking care of any little furry things we don’t want around. I found this skin a couple days ago. It’s quite impressive.

That’s a good sized snake.

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