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We all get in a funk now and then, don’t you agree? I enjoy a relaxing mani/pedi when the time to pamper myself arises. Unfortunately, that time doesn’t arise often enough. The girls get their toes “did” every 7 weeks and they look forward to it. Vince (our farrier) knows not only exactly how to manage their healthy hooves but the absolute best places to scratch.

This is the posture of a relaxed horse.

This is a gorgeous hoof!

My girl has made such an amazing transformation over our 4 years. When she came to me the mere thought of anyone touching her feet sent her into a panic. The memory of being squeezed into a cow chute then literally tipped off her feet was vivid and real. Her previous hoof care consisted of fear and pain. In the beginning, I would attempt to lift her foot, she would lean all her weight into me and refuse. Once she began trusting me the foot started lifting up, a little at a time.

Lesson 2 – Something that was once bad, can be good… if there is real trust and love.

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