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I talk to Cass & Becca as if I were talking to you. I think they understand everything I say. Cass seems to care a bit more about what I say than her daughter…

Last week I had a casual yet serious talk with my girls. I was headed out of town for 5 days! I had no worries about their care since my good friend, Therese, was in charge of that, but I didn’t want Cass thinking I wasn’t coming back. We had brought Tanner over to keep them company and they were enjoying having a strong man around. The day before I left I briefly told Cass where I was going and what I was going to be doing. I kept my energy low and calm because she definitely feeds off that. Then she broke my heart.

As I was leaving she trotted after me! Cass doesn’t expend any unnecessary energy so this gave me even more proof she understands my words or thoughts or something. I reassured her all would be fine and I’d see her in a few days. My tears welled up as I left the neighborhood. I had a great time with my St. Louis family (will do a post on that soon) but I sure missed my animal family – missed the hubby, too!

I got this pic from Therese while in St. Louis. All was good. 🙂

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