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I talk to Cass & Becca as if I were talking to you. I think they understand everything I say. Cass seems to care a bit more about what I say than her daughter…

Last week I had a casual yet serious talk with my girls. I was headed out of town for 5 days! I had no worries about their care since my good friend, Therese, was in charge of that, but I didn’t want Cass thinking I wasn’t coming back. We had brought Tanner over to keep them company and they were enjoying having a strong man around. The day before I left I briefly told Cass where I was going and what I was going to be doing. I kept my energy low and calm because she definitely feeds off that. Then she broke my heart.

As I was leaving she trotted after me! Cass doesn’t expend any unnecessary energy so this gave me even more proof she understands my words or thoughts or something. I reassured her all would be fine and I’d see her in a few days. My tears welled up as I left the neighborhood. I had a great time with my St. Louis family (will do a post on that soon) but I sure missed my animal family – missed the hubby, too!

I got this pic from Therese while in St. Louis. All was good. 🙂

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Not Just Yet

We try to schedule our lives just ever so minutely… then things change. We adjust. Becca didn’t leave for training this weekend as we’d planned. Gary and I decided it would be better to hold off another month or two. So, that’s what we’re doing. Becca’s fine and maybe a bit relieved. In the meantime, the girls are enjoying Tanner’s company.

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We’ve got a lot going on in CassidyLand. Becca will be leaving for “school” this weekend! Egaads! Gary (Quest Horsemanship on Facebook) has been looking forward to starting her under saddle and the time is finally here. Notice I didn’t say break her? That terminology is not used in Natural Horsemanship, which is the philosophy I’ve used since she was born. The last thing I ever want to do is break either of my girls’ spirits. She’s going to be a quick study and we’re excited to embark on this part of our journey.

Gary & his Arabian, Bandero.

With Becca going to Gary’s that meant Cass would be completely alone at our little red barn. I conferred with several of my horse folks and got varying answers as to if she should be alone or not. Horses are herd animals and feel safe as long as they have their herd. Becca, Cass and me are a herd. With Becca gone that leaves Cass and me… but I’m going on a super-secret trip the same week Becca leaves! Oh, no. I felt this would be too much to ask of Cass. We brought her friend, Tanner, over to keep her company.

Cass took her time finishing breakfast before venturing out to see what Becca was fussing about!

Cass and Tanner have similar personalities and have always gotten along well. Both feel eating is waaaaaaaay more important than acting a fool. Tanner’s mom, Therese, agreed they’d both be fine.

Cass says, “Hi Handsome!”

Becca wasn’t quite as happy to see Tanner.

Becca says, “Are you kidding me?!” as she snorts.

Tanner came over nicely to say hi to Becca and ended up having to put her in her place. She was acting like a brat. I’m thankful Tanner is such a nice boy and only gave her enough of a kick to get the message across. She listened to him after that.

Poor Becca, has to behave.

Perfect hoof print on her butt.

The swelling only lasted a day. Let’s hope the lesson lasts longer. Becca’s not ever liked having to share her momma.

She’s looking in disbelief still.

Bringing a horse into a herd of horses can be a dangerous thing and take days to accomplish peace. This took all of five minutes.

Becca’s getting a message she doesn’t like.

Smart girl doing what momma says.

The rules got set quickly.

They have a large, run-in shed which is where hay is shared. Will the peace remain?

Yep, no problems here.

Becca may think this is a problem. Poor kid. She needs the number for Dr. Phil!

I think Cass is going to be just fine. Becca’s world has just begun to rock!

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The first Saturday in May is probably just that for many people. Not me. Not my family. It’s the day we most miss our Dad, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa for it’s Derby Day! The Running of the Roses is a mere few hours away. In our family it was as big as Christmas. We had a BBQ, everyone would come over, we’d put together a Derby Pot and then watch the greatest 2 minutes in sports, amidst a great deal of noise.

Dad & grand-daughter, Jennifer

My family in St. Louis is doing just that today. They are celebrating as Dad would want. But we all miss him. I miss the phone calls leading up to the race (all day long!) and then the analysis after the race. I don’t even know who’s running today. Don’t have him to tell me. There are a lot of dirty, little, secrets in the Thoroughbred Racing world and they hurt my heart. I don’t let them do so on Derby Day.

My love of horses comes from my Dad. He took me to the track, tried to teach me to read a Racing Form (still can’t) and thoroughly enjoyed betting the ponies. He used to tell me stories of the old farm workhorse, Joe. He really wanted to meet my girls but died before getting the chance. He kept telling me to quit interfering with Cass and raising her baby. “She knows better than you, ” he said. He was right. He would’ve loved them. Today I celebrate my love of horses… I celebrate my love of Dad and family. Riders Up!

My greeting committee every morning.

Becca’s top view.

Momma is waiting me out. Why walk all the way over to me if I’m coming her way, right?

Becca was actually born on a racing day – the Preakness.

They’re ready for breakfast!

Cass is moving away from the trash can I’m dragging.

Becca wants to help.

Cass getting impatient.

Time to eat!

Have you ever seen a cuter pony? I think not.

Done and ready for the day.

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