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I apologize for not having lots of news and gorgeous pictures of the stars of this blog lately – those being Cass and Becca – but not a lot going on there. We’re in “waiting mode” for Becca’s Big Adventure! More to come on that…

In the meantime let’s explore our world of pet sitting some more! These are the faces I get to see when I’m working… not a bad gig. 🙂

Lucy Goosey! Former rescue dog living the life.

Bubba The Great!

Elvis, who really is The King! Shelter dog was fostered by this family during heartworm treatment. Didn't take long for them to know he had to stay.

Clifford, another former rescue dog. Had one of the worst cases of mange we've ever seen. Been symptom free for over 10 years.

Oni-Baroney, another former rescue dog!

Pig-Dog, fussing at me while picture taking.

Bettie Boop! Being held is the only way to get her to stay still.

All these lovely pups are one, big, happy family. It’s wonderful to be able to see my rescue dogs living the life they were meant to. Becoming one of our clients can oftentimes mean adding to your family!

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