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This was Rosabelle 3 years ago as I met her at our county animal shelter. She had been found wandering stray and appeared to have been out for some time. People living in the area said they didn’t know her.

My friend, Gayle, and I decided we had to help her. I suckered… I mean convinced a client to allow her to rehab in their deer pasture and we set about trying to find her a home. This was in the time when we still had no idea if I’d ever be able to ride Cass. Everyone thought I should keep this mare because she was just so nice. I was tempted, especially after spending so much time with her but she wasn’t meant to be mine.

I really hated the responsibility of deciding where this precious life should go. What if I made the wrong decision and she ended up tossed away again?! She certainly didn’t deserve that. How could I trust people to live up to their word? I’d seen so many people not able to handle the responsibility of a dog or cat, much less a thousand pound horse. Cass and Becca had taught me how much commitment it really takes.

Rosabelle deserved her own little girl. She deserved for me to have faith and trust. She also deserved for me to be a bit tough on her adoptive family. I had them do a trial run for a month of daily care before they ever were allowed to sign any adoption papers. They didn’t disappoint. Here is Rosabelle 3 years ago with her own little girl, Lauren.

It’s funny, I thought I was teaching the family to take care of her but I believe it’s been the other way around. It looks like Rosabelle has been taking wonderful care of them. This little stray horse has become a girl’s best friend. What a wonderful gift! Thank you. Lauren and her Rosabelle today 🙂

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