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The Animali Farm has been placing PMU horses in new homes all over the country since 2002. Cass is counted as one of the over 1,500 horses they’ve saved. The International Blessed Broodmare Project has also been instrumental in saving these lives. We especially thank the Australian chapter for these girls, bless all of you. This weekend we welcomed 3 more to our “family”! No, we didn’t adopt 3 more horses but we feel just as excited as if we had. Our friends, Susan and Amy have allowed us to be part of their journey. Amy was a pet sitting client of mine until she moved out of my territory to buy a home in a horsey neighborhood. Can’t say I blame her!

Haven’t heard from her in a few years but she called a few weeks ago all excited about possibly adopting an Animali horse! I hadn’t realized she’d been keeping up with my girls on our blog. She was debating all the pros and cons, deciding if she was ready to be a horse mom again after 20 years, deciding if they could handle it financially, etc. I believe hearing how magical my experience has been helped sway her decision…. I’m happy to welcome Amy’s new girl, Connie!

Connie & last year's baby while in ND. He got adopted into a good home, too!

She left ND on Thursday with 12 other horses. NC was the first drop-off and then Connie, Biscuit & Cody Doll made it to the FL drop-off by noon Saturday. Amy is already in love with her girl. She’s being checked out by the vet today as she sustained a cut above her eye during the trip. Hoping the vet will be able to tell if she’s pregnant or not. The plan is for her to spend a month with our trainer extraordinaire, Gary, then be moved to Amy’s. She’s still getting fences and her shelter built. Welcome to your new life, Connie 🙂

Connie being welcomed by Gary

Her traveling companions, Biscuit & Cody Doll still had a 4 hour drive to make before ending their former life and beginning their new one. Susan has welcomed them into her herd and they couldn’t be in a better place. The truck driver had us all nervous as he kept saying how BIG Biscuit is. She is a Shire, after all. We all prayed they would be calm and not stressed as they would be arriving at Susan’s after dark. They had to have known they’d reached home because they made no fuss, no amount of being nervous or scared. They simply walked off the truck and right into their waiting pen. They’re already allowing Susan to touch and even hose them off!

The beautiful Biscuit while in ND

Cody Doll in ND

Coming from a defunct PMU ranch it’s highly possible all 3 mares are pregnant. When Gary & Amy saw Cody Doll get off the truck they had no doubt she’s pregnant but the other two may be hiding it or they’re not. Either way, they have no more worries. This load of horses to NC & FL is just the start of a few hundred being saved this season from slaughter and going to real homes.  There are no unwanted horses out there. The trick is making them known to the people who want them. Then mountains will be moved.

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