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Cass has amazing hair. Fjordhorses just naturally have a lot more hair than your regular horse. Their tails are thicker and easily reach the ground. Their forelocks are natural fly masks. When I first got Cass…. oh, my… did we just have an anniversary?!?!? It was 4 years ago my own fairy princess came to be. She came bedraggled and tangled.

We bonded thru grooming and I still can spend hours just brushing and braiding her mane and tail. Her breathtaking beauty was not far under the surface.

Our sweltering Florida heat soon became a serious issue for our girl and a decision had to be made. Comfort or beauty? We tried to keep her long locks by having Michael thin them out but she was still just too hot. Her mane weighed a few pounds.

I had witnessed her suffering from our heat for too long.

I took a deep breath and whacked her mane off! She immediately felt better and I stopped crying after a little while.

Norwegian Fjordhorses are supposed to be kept in the proper mane cut to accentuate their wonderfully, muscled neck. I still haven’t learned the “proper” way to do it but I’ve gotten fairly proficient. Cass is much more comfy and that’s all that matters. Today was a grooming day for both girls. I began with Becca since she usually tires me out.

She behaved perfectly and we got done in no time at all! I’ve been letting her mane grow since she doesn’t have the same troubles with the heat or allergies as her momma does. Also, I’m lazy. Cass is now trained to clippers for her mane and I haven’t worked with Becca on that.

I had decided to thin out Cass’s forelock rather than cut it short. We’re already having big bug troubles and I’d rather her eyes be protected. I pulled a ton of hair out with the thinning shears!

Her forelock felt much lighter. That should make her more comfy, while still protecting her from nasty bugs.

I love that both my girls ground tie 🙂

Brushed her tail but it’s not quite touching the ground, yet, so no need for a trim.

Both girls got curry combed, brushed and fly sprayed. They were ready to have a great day in their little corner of paradise!

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