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I love it when I’m sipping my coffee trying to awaken completely and then the UPS guy honks his horn! The pack flies into Cujo-mode. It’s humorous how they look so pleased when they know they’ve chased him away. When Cass & Becca joined our family I made my Mom a promise. That promise was to always wear a helmet when riding. I’ve been helmet-less the past couple months because the borrowed one I had was needed elsewhere. I ride so sporadically with the girls & I just learning it wasn’t fair to hog it when a real rider needed it. I’ve been waiting for a good sale as they aren’t cheap. But then, our brains are priceless, aren’t they? The UPS guy brought my early birthday present this morning. Please excuse my sleepiness 🙂

Helmets are so important when dealing with these unpredictable, 1,000 lb. animals. I certainly hope to never have a bad fall off one of my girls but falling is bound to happen. Love you Mom and thank you Courtney for reminding me of how important helmets are. Bless you!

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