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Eva Is All Grown

Hard to believe my best girl is 5 years old today! What a crazy 5 years it’s been, too. We somehow survived her adorable, yet challenging puppyhoood and she even become a Canine Good Citizen.

Eva had her daddy wrapped around her thick, little paw before ever arriving!

We survived her “pokey bone” surgery when she wasn’t even a year old. Those 2 months of crate rest was excruciating for all of us! She didn’t start out having to wear both the muzzle and E-collar. That happened after she ate a full-length leg bandage or two.

Wonder what she was saying to me?

We survived introducing her to the horses. They’ve since become an integral part of her daily routine. She and Cass have a lovely relationship and she learned (the hard way) to be a bit more careful around Becca.

Cass wanted to be friends from the start, Eva fought the urge to bite her!

We survived adding four rescued Australian Cattledogs to her pack. She’s cool with it as long as they remember she’s the head-cowgirl-in-charge!

The missing ACD is Barby, she hates everyone and doesn't participate.

My girl, Eva. She’s somehow become the dog I always hoped she’d be. Her purpose was to heal my broken heart. She has my heart and I know she always has my back. Such a bond and trust is an unbelievable gift.

She went out shopping in her birthday bandanna and after gorging on gourmet cookies, gross cow parts and basking in the adoration of her favorite aunts (check out Louise’s) she chose her special birthday toy.

She always sits funny like this, remnants from the "pokey bone".

My gorgeous Eva Marie. Her registered name is Sapphire’s Songbird of Serendipity. Coming to our family as she did was certainly serendipitous. I’ll end with a song from the songbird for which she is named, Eva Cassidy. It also happens to be her birthday.  We wish both Eva’s ~ Happy, Happy Birthday!

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