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Tesla Mae and I began training class this week with our dear friend, Therese of Dogs Unlimited. She’s the only reason Eva survived her puppyhood! Having Tes in class was much different than Eva. Tes wants to actually visit everyone and play with the other dogs. Weird. She did well despite me not being the most consistent with practicing or taking walks. (When you’re a dog walker, you really don’t get that fired up about walking your own dog.) We knew from the get-go Tes is extremely smart, so as long as I make myself keep up with her, we should have another Canine Good Citizen in the very near future 🙂

Tes sucking up to the teacher.

Catch me if you can!

Tes goes in for the sneak sniff!

The last post I mentioned our new training tool at the barn, EasterBunnyElf. I had forgot to show off our gift from Gary. Being the sweet man that he is and knowing we wouldn’t get one ourselves, he got Cass and Becca a flashy rope halter and lead from his favorite on-line store, Half Circle Ranch. Cass was more than happy to model.

Cass gave me the “look” when she realized she wasn’t just modeling. She was going to have to do some work. This time she didn’t miss a single step as she bravely walked toward EasterBunnyElf! We walked all over the pasture, me twirling him around my head and she confidently clopping behind. We celebrated with a scratching all over from EasterBunnyElf then she was free to do as she pleased. She hightailed it back to the shed where she quickly reminded me to bring her some hay. I adore this horse!

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