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Our homework from Gary was for Cass to move calmly toward weird things. She needs to learn when we are out she can rely on me to take care of her, even if things are weird. When out on the trail branches can fall, birds can swoop, dogs can appear out of thin air… actually anything can happen. TaDa! Introducing EasterBunnyElf! I looked around the barn and came up with my new invention, pretty weird, huh?

Cass was sure it was a monster out to eat her. I jiggled it on the ground in front of her and made her walk toward it. Made it jiggle beside her, then scratched her all over with it. It got even more interesting when I raised EasterBunnyElf over my head. Oh, my! It was a completely different monster now! I turned around and had Cass walk behind me, toward EasterBunnyElf keeping him beside me. I worked my way up to having him twirl around the top of my head while Cass walked along toward the weird thing. When we were done I had my girl walk over the very monster she was sure was going to eat her . Very proud.

True to character, Becca walked right up to EasterBunnyElf and introduced herself!


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