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Merry Christmas Eve!

The atmosphere at the barn the past few weeks has been of cheery and sometimes sad Christmas music. Our little radio has been blasting out memories of Christmases past and loved ones we dearly miss. Sitting there with my girls often allows me the opportunity to get out a good cry. I’ve lived away from “home” for over 20 years. I’ve had to substitute really loud phone calls to my  family instead of being there. Since beginning our pet sitting business some 14 years ago, we’ve also worked every holiday so it’s just not possible to enjoy traditional celebrations.

Eva waits for Cass to finish so she can check her bowl.

I miss my Dad. He passed away 2 Christmases ago. That sure puts a different spin on my already tender emotions. He loved Christmas! It was his tradition to wait until Christmas Eve to do any shopping. Our big celebration was Christmas Eve so as family would be arriving to begin the festivities, he’d rush in with bags in tow and I’d secretly wrap the gifts. He always got Mom the coolest jewelry. I remember one Christmas he had me wrap up a framed photo of Frank Sinatra, her absolute favorite singer. She was so confused when she opened it then it was revealed he’d bought tickets for his upcoming concert! I used to fuss at him for waiting to shop and making me have to frantically wrap. Wish I could do that for him this afternoon.

My far away family will be gathering today for tasty food and drinks. There’s a new crop of great-grand-babies awaiting Santa who will entertain everyone as they open presents. It will be loud. Kids will scream and laugh. There will be music playing and butts shaking. There may not be dancing into the wee hours as in the past (they’re all kinda old now) but they can still shake those tail feathers, our Momma, too!  Christmas is about family and love. I may not be there with them but I feel them always in my heart.

Santa visited my girls a bit early this year. He brought their favorite cookies, which they haven’t had in a while due to their weight-loss program. He told me Christmas is in your heart, not where you are.

Where else would you hang a horse's stocking?

"I can have them? Really?!"

Sweet Santa made Eva & Cass honorary elves! They fill my heart with Christmas cheer no matter the day, though Eva may not look too happy about doing so…

Guess we can call her Angry Elf

Cass is, of course, Sweet Elf 🙂

This is the soundtrack to the Christmases of my youth – we are quite a funky, bluesy family. Enjoy!

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