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Thank you, Cowboy Magic!

Somehow, even though I mowed down the entire 6 acres, the girls are still finding sticker weeds! I’ve given up. I comb their forelocks every few days w/Cowboy Magic and they come out easy enough. Just a pain in the tookus, though!

We’ve been unusually warm for our “winter” and Cass is feeling it’s effects. Poor girl. You can see the sweat in her long coat. I probably need to shave her again but am holding out some hope for a cold front or two.

Look at those faces! I simply adore these girls 🙂

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My girls have it made. They actually have a grassy pasture to frolic and romp about. That is a rarity here in our Sunshine State. You’d think with horses, donkeys and the occasional cow or deer, mowing the grass would be silly. Not the case. It’s interesting, I’ll see spots of tall, luscious looking grass and Cass and Becca will ignore it and go for the already chomped down patch next to it.

Instead of hiring someone, I took things upon myself. Gary (trainer) happens to work for a large outdoor power equipment company. He brought a little something to help me out…

I happen to be severely allergic to grass (as is my horse!). In order to be able to handle the task of mowing 6 acres, I had to prepare.

Gary gave me a quick lesson on actually operating this beast and he kept stressing there was no way I could hurt the mower. It also has an automatic shut off if it doesn’t feel your butt in the seat, that’s nice!

I used to drive our boat all the time when I was a kid and figured it would be kinda the same. The controls sure couldn’t get any more clear… think I’ll be most comfy in between the tortoise and the hare!

It didn’t take very long for me to get the feel of this machine… and I loved it! Who knew I could have so much fun on a lawn tractor?! I hadn’t realized how loud it was going to be but I had to just deal with it for I had no ear plugs handy. As soon as Cass heard the monster mower start rumbling she took off. She was happy to keep her eye on us from a safe distance.

As expected, Becca was very curious. She had gotten in on the lesson when Gary dropped the tractor off to us. Once I started mowing she debated about following me or not…

I revved up and started towards her… she opted for the “or not”! I should be ashamed.

I should also be ashamed for the perverse enjoyment I felt annihilating all the monster fire ant hills but I don’t. Can’t stand those damn things!

This first go-around as a real farm girl, redneck, bush-hogger was liberating. Got the front pasture done in record time and it looks so nice. I had taken my allergy meds beforehand so my nose was ok, too. Maybe we’ll start Pookie Pasture Mowing as a side biz?

YeeHaw! Back pasture get ready… here I come!

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