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Employee Of The Month

I took my cat shopping today. Yep. The cat went shopping. He fussed at me the entire drive from our house to the store. He’s a Siamese, after all. They’re very opinionated and not afraid to tell you just what that opinion happens to be! Once we got to Louise’s he quieted down and took a scenic spot atop the cat tree behind the counter.

This trek out into the world for my old cat wasn’t just happenstance. He won the “October Pic Of The Month” so we felt it appropriate to get his pic with his pic! He could also choose his own prize. Win-win all around!

We adopted Setzer last year from SCAS. I was there to see my friend, Mary Beth, and heard this pitiful yowling from the cat room. It was really loud. It seemed to get louder and louder as I was walking away. I had to go see what the heck was making all the ruckus and found an old, thought-to-be-blind, declawed, neutered, only-4-teeth-in-his-head, Lynx Point Siamese.

(In his shelter cage.)

He had immediately became a staff favorite and gave morale boosting hugs all around, whenever needed.

Needless to say, I got sucked in. It became my mission to find this old-timer a fantastic home. Thank you, Vickie & Steve Brown for allowing him your upstairs bedroom till that home could be found. We realized after a few weeks the fantastic home this cat needed was ours. The past year with Setzer (named for those 80’s Stray Cats) has been a whirlwind of ups and downs with his health. He actually crashed 3 times, was hospitalized for a week, has almost been euthanized twice, has perplexed our very smart veterinarian and has beaten every odd. When I took him for a check up not too long ago, Dr. Rick thought I was pulling a prank on him by bringing another cat. He couldn’ t believe how great he looked and felt. The old man’s even gained 4 pounds!

This is a magical cat and it’s no surprise he made himself right at home in the store. He even rode around in the car last Christmas to look at lights. Every customer that saw him was amazed he’s 15ish. It was good to tell his story and show adopting seniors is a wonderful thing. Despite being severely allergic to him, we snuggle for naps as often as possible. He must perch himself right on my chest and when I see his front leg go straight out, I know I’m not moving for a while. It’s awesome. I’m not even a “cat person” but I obviously needed this cat as much as he needed me.

(Stephanie consulting w/Setz & Patti making change.)

It takes a confident kitty to be able to relax in such a way. No telling where we’ll show up next!

He waited until he was home to actually play w/his new toys.

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