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This past weekend we participated in our first dog event in a very long time. We used to set up our Pookie Booth several times a year at various charity events. Sam (our kissing Pookie Bros.) was well known and people oftentimes attended events in hopes of seeing him. He retired when he was 12 or so and I think we only did a few events after that. Hard to find anything comparable to a kissing Pookie!

Sam awaiting a face to kiss...

Ahhh! There's one. We miss both our Pookie Bros.

This past weekend also happened to be one of our busiest for clients of the entire year! Wouldn’t you know it? I try to schedule a big block of time to be at an event and we have a big work day. So, my day began at 5am to get all my morning walks and feedings done in plenty of time to get to Therese’s shop by 11am. The event we were attending was an Open House for Dogs-Unlimited. She’s expanded her training facility and even has a fenced in agility yard now. Very cool. I got home in plenty of time to get cleaned up and be there to welcome guests. (I had wisely set up my table the day before.)

But, a medical emergency was about to take over. Randolph Pintooth (our old man minpin) was found stuck under our bed in a pool of bloody diarrhea. Aw, man! Not much debate was needed to determine he had to be seen by our vet. I’d been watching him for a few days as his tummy was beginning to show some signs of going thru one of his “episodes”.

Sweet Randy, pic when he was at the shelter last year.

As I feared, he was dehydrated so needed sub-q fluids. His intestines were angry but she didn’t feel any obstructions or masses. He went thru this same thing when we brought him home exactly a year ago. So, we started meds and bought up paper towels to care for the impending messes until his tummy settled. The poor old guy has basically broken back legs that were never fixed. He has scars all over them and he can’t hold his own weight up when he has to poo. He’s ok when it’s pee, just needs a bit of help with the other. We were in for a few rough days but he’s on the mend.

I got to the Open House 2 hours late. I even forgot to take a photo of my table. It was fun to hang with other dog folks and our cattledog, Red Joolz, was in attendance with me. This was her first time out and about to anything like this. We were trying her out as a Pookie Sister. She did great! Other dogs would come right up to her face and she would simply turn calmly away. I could drop her leash and not fear she’d take off or do anything stupid. She’s a cowdog, afterall!

She found a safe vantage spot under the A-Frame.

Since it’s October we all had a Halloween type of theme going. I had dug out a costume and Joolz was kind enough to let me embarrass her by making her wear it. She even shared it with others so they could also get embarrassing photos taken.

Cowdog dressed as a cowgirl, get it? 🙂

Joolz absolutely loves people. She gave out lots of hugs and kisses. It’s really not fair to have a dog like Joolz at an event like this. She makes me look like a good dog trainer, when she just came this way. She and her mother (Dixxy Blu) were dumped off in a shelter night drop box a year and a half ago. A note was attached to them that said their names and that “they’re good dogs”. That would be quite an understatement. They’re awesome dogs and I still can’t comprehend someone who obviously cared for them walking away.

Forgiven for the costume.

Erica from Dolly’s Foundation kept trying to sneak Joolz into her truck. She fell hard for our cowgirl, aka Butterfly Spice. We’ve nicknamed all four of our cattledogs in the vein of the Spice Girls. Joolz is our free spirit and peace-loving girl, hence Butterfly Spice. We also have Biker Spice (her mother), Obsessive Spice (Eva the youngster) and Grumpy Spice (another old-timer). Erica has quickly become one of our favorite people, it was nice to just hang out. She’s trying to rescue one of the most misunderstood and feared breeds out there – pitbulls. In a short amount of time she’s made real change happen and saved wonderful dogs in the process. Go to her site and read about Dolly.

Erica getting some Joolz loving!

We also got to meet another impressive youngster – I can say that since I was the elder of the group! Dawn is an exceptionally gifted photographer who works with Dolly’s Foundation. Her photos are spellbinding and have helped generate a lot of attention to the positive pitbull movement.  Being able to capture a moment is priceless and she captures lots! Check out her work and see for yourself, Flyin Fur Pet Photography. While you’re there – buy something 🙂

Dawn sets up a shot.

The day started off a bit frantic with Mr. Pintooth but once we got him settled we were able to enjoy the day. It’s refreshing to be around like-minded dog folks. Hopefully, we were all able to drum up a bit of business. Joolz certainly showed she can handle being a Pookie Sistah!

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Employee Of The Month

I took my cat shopping today. Yep. The cat went shopping. He fussed at me the entire drive from our house to the store. He’s a Siamese, after all. They’re very opinionated and not afraid to tell you just what that opinion happens to be! Once we got to Louise’s he quieted down and took a scenic spot atop the cat tree behind the counter.

This trek out into the world for my old cat wasn’t just happenstance. He won the “October Pic Of The Month” so we felt it appropriate to get his pic with his pic! He could also choose his own prize. Win-win all around!

We adopted Setzer last year from SCAS. I was there to see my friend, Mary Beth, and heard this pitiful yowling from the cat room. It was really loud. It seemed to get louder and louder as I was walking away. I had to go see what the heck was making all the ruckus and found an old, thought-to-be-blind, declawed, neutered, only-4-teeth-in-his-head, Lynx Point Siamese.

(In his shelter cage.)

He had immediately became a staff favorite and gave morale boosting hugs all around, whenever needed.

Needless to say, I got sucked in. It became my mission to find this old-timer a fantastic home. Thank you, Vickie & Steve Brown for allowing him your upstairs bedroom till that home could be found. We realized after a few weeks the fantastic home this cat needed was ours. The past year with Setzer (named for those 80’s Stray Cats) has been a whirlwind of ups and downs with his health. He actually crashed 3 times, was hospitalized for a week, has almost been euthanized twice, has perplexed our very smart veterinarian and has beaten every odd. When I took him for a check up not too long ago, Dr. Rick thought I was pulling a prank on him by bringing another cat. He couldn’ t believe how great he looked and felt. The old man’s even gained 4 pounds!

This is a magical cat and it’s no surprise he made himself right at home in the store. He even rode around in the car last Christmas to look at lights. Every customer that saw him was amazed he’s 15ish. It was good to tell his story and show adopting seniors is a wonderful thing. Despite being severely allergic to him, we snuggle for naps as often as possible. He must perch himself right on my chest and when I see his front leg go straight out, I know I’m not moving for a while. It’s awesome. I’m not even a “cat person” but I obviously needed this cat as much as he needed me.

(Stephanie consulting w/Setz & Patti making change.)

It takes a confident kitty to be able to relax in such a way. No telling where we’ll show up next!

He waited until he was home to actually play w/his new toys.

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Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011


“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” 


This quote from Steve has been hanging on our fridge for several years. It very well may have been instrumental in me finding the courage to follow my heart and bring my horse home. You fought a courageous battle against an enemy so vile. Your battle is done, Steve, and you made the world an amazing place.

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