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The shelter named her Karma… which made me immediately start singing Karma Chameleon… which then made me think of Boy George… which then set the name Georgia on my mind! But on her shelter paperwork, this gal’s name is Karma.

She’s a red, speckled Australian Cattledog also called a Red Heeler. I met her today and she’s pretty fantastic. She was a stray and no one’s come to claim her, which is sad. She must have been loved by someone.

They estimate her to be around 5 years old and already spayed. She’s that good, medium-sized 40 lb. or so dog. That’s really perfect size. Big enough, but not too big.

Her adoption fee is a whopping $16 and that includes all vaccinations, worming & a microchip! I didn’t have to spend a lot of time with her to know she’s a good dog. She likes to give kisses and hugs. Australian Cattledogs (ACD’s) are not meant for everyone, though, and are smarter than a lot of folks. It takes a good 2 years to humanize an ACD so she’s past all the nonsense. These dogs are instinctively herders but can be just as happy sharing the recliner if that’s what you desire. They are not for the passive, they will master the passive. An ACD solves problems with their mouths. If an ACD outsmarts you, and they will, you must get smarter. You must also show them kindness, for they never forget. Karma will reward you by being a loyal companion that will look deeply into your soul with her intense, yet soft eyes not missing a thing involving you – for you would be her world.

Karma is waiting.

Seminole County Animal Services

232 Bush Boulevard Sanford, FL 32773-6198

(407) 665-5201 

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